What is the Difference Between Pharma franchise And PCD Franchise

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    What is the Difference Between Pharma franchise And PCD Franchise – Since the Pharmaceutical industry is booming rapidly many pharma professionals are now looking forward to starting their own business. The best option is to invest in the Pharma industry is in PCD Pharma Franchise Business. Those who are new to the pharma industry are often confused by two terms PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise. If you are one among them and want to known What is the Difference Between Pharma franchise and  PCD Franchise, then this might help you.

    Before starting a business it is important to understand it very well.  Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise are co-related terms but with a slight difference. A very less number of people really understand what is the difference between pharma franchise and PCD Franchise. As a matter of fact there no huge difference between both of these terms. The only difference between Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise is the scale on which the work takes place and eligibility to start either of these businesses differ.

    Pharma Franchise

    What does Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise mean?

    Pharma Franchise or PCD Franchise is an authorization that is given by the pharma company to an individual or group of people to use the brand name, trademark, and name of the company and sell their drug in the market. Here the pharma company sells drugs to those who got the distribution or monopoly rights and the associated further sell them to the customers with a profit margin. Both parties get the business opportunity.

    Difference between the PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise

    There is no huge difference between the PCD Franchise and the Pharma Franchise. One of the crucial difference between the PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise is the sales targets and the eligibility of an individual or distributor. Here we have listed some point of difference between the PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise for you:

    Eligibility Required

    In Franchise marketing or Pharma Franchise, the person is required to have minimum experience of at least 2-3 years working in a managing level. This includes positions like area sales manager, regional sales manager, or a pharma distributor or c&f having own team.

    Whereas in PCD Franchise business the experience is not required, everyone is eligible to apply for the PCD Franchise such as pharma distributor, medical representatives etc. There are no specific requirements of experience for this.

     Area of Allotment

    The area allocated for the Pharma Franchise is larger and work needs to be done ethically there is a number of procedure and requirements that need ti be full fill in terms of area to get the pharma franchise. On the other hand in PCD Franchise the small area for conducting the work is required. There are not very tough rules when it comes to premises in PCD Franchise.

    Sales Target

    In Pharma Franchise the company provides the sales targets that are needed to be fully filled by the pharma professional who has a franchise. Many of times the company also provide good incentives for meeting targets. It differs the PCD Franchise, here the person does get any sales targets and can work freely without any pressure of meeting targets.

    Promotional or Marketing Support

    For the Pharma Franchise business, the company offers the good marketing nd promotional support. The pharma franchise associates get good marketing strategies and monthly promotional schemes since it works on a bigger scale. The company provides the direct support when it comes to marketing, promotions, and sales.

    The case is not same with the PCD Franchise, here the company provide promotional support by providing visiting cards, catch covers, visual ads and other such small promotional tools to support.


    In general, the Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise do not have much difference both are same. It just that one work on the bigger scale and the second on the smaller scale. PCD Franchise is a good option who are individually starting the business and pharma franchise good for partners. We hope this post by Biophar Lifesciences helped you in understanding the exact difference.

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