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    As we stated earlier that we deal with all type of drug segment so that our associates will not knock so many doors for the variety of drug range. Our hired employees are well-familiar with the production of the variety of drugs. With the help of their immense experience, they also give us 100% quality assurance in all the formulated drugs. We usually get a number of orders from our clients. We are very capable to make the on-time delivery of products. Below are the name of product range, we are capable to deliver to our esteemed customers:

    • Sachets
    • Tablets
    • Ayurvedic Range
    • Dental Range
    • Derma Product
    • Gynae Range
    • Eye-drops
    • Urology Product
    • Soft Gel
    • Capsules Range
    • Powder Range etc

    We have made ourselves versatile in terms of delivering the variety of drug range. Along with the quality of drugs range, we also focus on the quality packaging and delivery of all the products.We have covered the wide region of Chandigarh for providing our manufacturing service

    Our business operation for the best pharma product | Biophar Lifesciences

    We have made many different sections of our company for the better and reliable production of all the drugs. We believe that if the work would be divided into so many sections then there is a high chance for accuracy in work. Below is the name of our business division:

    • Manufacturing Department-  This department is dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of production procedures. All the assigned member of this department are highly talented to ensure whether all the business operation is taking place efficiently. They are responsible to check whether what type of raw material is using in the production of drug range. How much time each machinery is taking. Also,  they regularly examine and oiled our fitted machines.
    • Packaging Department- We knows that quality packaging is as important as the quality manufacturing of drugs. We have hired talented pharma professionals for this department, who make use of the right methods and techniques for packing each drug.
    • R & D Department: Our this department is dedicated to introducing many new techniques to our company. All the assigned members of this department always keep their eyes on newly introduced technology through which we always keep on upgrading our company.
    • Quality Department- our quality department is dedicated to ensuring the maximum quality in all our business operation. They are responsible to bring quality in all the business operation that is taking place in our company.
    • Delivery Department- Delivery of product as important as the best packaging and manufacturing of products. This department is dedicated to ensure the quality delivery of all the drugs. We are linked with the best pharma distribution channels in India.

    Why are we different from other Pharma Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh?

    Our company comes under the list of pharmaceutical industries in Mohali/Chandigarh. Below are the  highlights of our company:

    Our beneficial services

    We ensure maximum satisfaction to our clients in terms of Prompt delivery, quality assurance, authorization of drugs, Quality packaging of drugs. We belives that our contract would be a success only if we will make a mutual understanding with our clients.

    The production cost 

    We are capable to provide you the quality service because our production cost is quite high. We consist cost of raw material that includes the number of raw materials, ingredients, and pure chemical extracts. Along with this, our product also consists the cost of packaging and transportation. All these costs help us to bring the best quality service.

    Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Requirement

    Now if you have made up your mind regarding taking up Third Party Pharma Manufacturing then go through the below-mentioned point to know the requirements:

    • You must have PAN card of your company. Along with Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association if you are a  Pvt. Ltd or limited Company.
    • A Domain Should have ID Proof with the copy of Voter ID and Pan cards
    • You must have drug license and TIN Number
    • You must also have the sales tax or tax registration certificate

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    Name: Biophar Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

    Adress: 513-C,5th Floor, Elante Office, Industrial & Business Park, Phase-I, Chandigarh(UT)-160002

    Contact No. +91-9216599595

    Email ID:



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