What are the Requirements for PCD Pharma Franchise?

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    What are the Requirements for PCD Pharma Franchise? –  For starting any kind of franchising business there are certain norms and requirements that are either set by the government or the company. Same is the case in PCD Pharma Franchise. There are certain requirements for PCD Pharma Franchise without completing which you won’t be able to start your business. Pharma Franchise and PCD is surely a decent business option for the pharma professionals all across the country.

    With the increasing demand for the pharma drugs all over the country, PCD Pharma Franchise business seems to be a good business opportunity. The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is huge and expected to grow more in coming time. Thus, many are looking forward to investing in this sector. We at Biophar Lifesciences, has asked a number of times the question that ‘What are the requirements for PCD Pharma Franchise business?‘ With the help of this post, we are trying to answer your questions. It may be easy for the pharma expert to start a business in pharmaceuticals but for those who are new in this sector, it may become a little bit hard.

    Pharma Franchise

    Investment Required for PCD Pharma Franchise Business

    For starting any kind of business, the initial thing that is required is an investment. For Pharma Franchise business telling the exact amount of investment is not possible as it varies from one company to another. It may also vary from a number of products that you want to take from the company regarding PCD pharma franchise business. But pharma franchise company allows you to make the payments in installment so that it does not become a burden on you. Here is the best way by which you can manage your investment:

    • Initial Investment
    • Secondary Investment
    • Emergency Investment

    This way you will be able to manage your money in a right way. This is essential for smooth running of your business.

    Mandatory Documents Required for PCD Pharma Franchise Business

    For selling any kind of drugs in India you need to have the permit from the government or from the authorities. Selling drugs without permission is a punishable crime and it can end your career in the pharma industry. Thus, to get a PCD Pharma Franchise here are some of the essential documents that you will be needing with you:

    Drug License registration 

    This piece of document is essential for starting a business in the pharma industry. Without this license you won’t be able to sell drugs in the market. In case you do not have the drug’s license you can utilize the drug’s license of your stocklist or wholesaler but it is always advised to have your own.

    You can apply for this license here:

    • Central Drug Standard Control Organization
    • State Drug Standard Control Organization 

    Income Tax Registration

    Another important document that is required for the PCD Pharma Franchise business is the income tax registration without this you won’t be able to make the transaction of money. Again for his document, you can use your wholesaler’s tax identification number of you do not have your own. With the implementation of GST from 1st of july, possible there could be some change in the procedure of getting the income tax registration number.

    Apart from all these legal requirements, the company can have their own condition for the PCD Pharma Franchise business. Some prefer the experience pharma professionals who have experience while some give chance to the newcomers as well.


    Your focus should be on getting the best profit nd generating good revenue in your business but you cannot overlook the requirements. Make sure that you invest your money in the right pharma franchise company only then you will bale to get good growth in the industry and it will also help you build a network. Biophar Lifesciences is the leading and top Pharma Franchise Company to associates. We wish you a very bright and successful career in the pharma industry.


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